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Kobe Tora

Tora, a visual and culinary experience in Tulum

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of oriental cuisine at Tora, a Japanese restaurant in Tulum that combines the authenticity of Japanese

The origin of sake: the traditional Japanese drink

Sake: is a traditional Japanese drink , also known as "nihonshu", is a result of rice fermentation and considered as national drink of Japan.

It's all about Passion in Tora

During February we celebrate the passion surrounding our different culinary experiences

5 reasons to visit Tora Tulum

Tora is a unique and stylish Japanese restaurant, an option to experience the best nights in Tulum

3 styles of Japanese cuisine you should know

Japan is an extraordinarily unique country, known for its history, culture, temples and, of course, gastronomy.

NYE Party in Cancun

Grupo RosaNegra has planned great New Year's dinners in Cancun to live exceptional evenings

Kobe beef: a Japanese culinary treasure

If you’re looking for Kobe beef in Cancun, Tora is the ideal place. We have the certification to serve you this exquisite meat, prepared to perfection in a masterful way by ou...

Bohemian Square: the new art and entertainment complex in Cancun

Grupo RosaNegra is always offering new entertainment proposals and extraordinary experiences in key points of the city.

10 top ingredients in Japanese cuisine

If you want to visit one of the best Japanese restaurants in Cancun and discover all the combinations and variables of these ingredients, come to Tora.