Aug 28, 2020


Teppanyaki has gained popularity in the last decades all around the world, many people say they like it, but, do they really know what it is?

First of all, although it might sound like a dish, it is a way to cook the food. Such method has occidental roots, but for many years it has spread around the world.

Its name explains very clearly what it is. Teppanyaki comes from two Japanese words: teppan (鉄板), which is the metal plate on which it is cooked and yaki (焼き) which means grilled, broiled, or pan-fried, so Teppanyaki means grilled on a metal plate. This technique came to Japan after World War II.

To make it more appealing, they started using western ingredients and the chefs created a great show, making Teppanyaki very popular in the USA around 1964.

The magical thing about Teppanyaki is the experience that the customers get as the chef prepares their meal, because they set a wonderful spectacle, starting with their skill at handling knives and the Wood paddle, followed by the preparation. People look to live this experience for special occasions with friends, and in large groups because it is a very lively atmosphere and the fact of having a personal chef gets more than one in a good mood.

With this majestic technique, Japanese dishes such as okonomiyaki or yakisoba are cooked. One of the ingredients that can’t be missed in teppanyaki is the exquisite Kobe beef. Only the restaurants that possess the golden statue are official members of t The Kobe Beef Federation and certified by it. At Tora, you can find Kobe beef, from Hyogo prefecture in Japan, from lineage that is 100% Tajima, completely certified since Tora is part of The Kobe Beef Federation.

The secret of teppanyaki is that the plates used to cook, are made with a double layer of stainless Steel; allowing for a low fat cooking and making dishes very healthy.

Tora in Cancun is an excellent choice to enjoy a magical moment. Don’t miss our Teppanyaki made with A5 Japanese Wagyu Rib eye. It will delight you for sure.

Let us spoil you and live a unique experience.

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