The most used seafood in Japanese cuisine

Aug 27, 2020

The most used seafood in Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine never ceases to amaze us with its exquisite techniques and flavors.
Japanese dishes are increasingly common for diners around the world, who enjoy mixtures
of their ingredients, including different fish and seafood. Here we talk about some of them.

To start with fish, there are two that delight foodies on this Pacific island: tuna and salmon.

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B3, iodine and minerals, tuna is one of the delicacies
like sashimi and an ingredient present in sushi. These dishes use their belly, known as a
belly or bull in Japanese culture. Other parts, like the loin or the maguro, are ideal for tatakis.

One of the most common species is the Japanese Big Eye, which is one of the main
ingredients of Tora, where in addition to the dishes already mentioned, you can enjoy it in
one of our open temaki with avocado, wasabi, peas and radishes. ; We also have tuna pizza
and tuna and salmon tartar.

Speaking of salmon, we find that its delicious flavor is highly appreciated in Japanese
cuisine. It is also rich in magnesium and proteins of high nutritional value, as well as
vitamins B, A and D, in addition to Omega-3. The most used part, unlike tuna, is precisely the
loin, since its belly is more greasy.

In Tora, you can enjoy the exclusive Ora King Salmon, which we import especially for our
diners and prepare on our unique robata grill, which completes this oriental experience with
an exquisite flavor.

Regarding seafood, we will mainly talk about two delicacies: octopus and shrimp. In both
cases, they are considered very nutritious and low calorie foods with a variety of vitamins
and zinc, in addition to being very versatile in the kitchen.

At Tora, you can enjoy both as a delicious appetizer to whet your appetite. In the case of
octopus, spicy and crispy with sweet wasabi mayonnaise, or in carpaccio; while the rock
shrimp we serve with arugula, spicy mayonnaise and chives. You can also enjoy our
exclusive varieties of Super Colossal Octopus and Nigerian Colossal Shrimp U2.

There is no doubt that Japanese cuisine contains many delights for the palate. Visit us and
be pampered by our chef, who surely has something delicious that will remain in your sense
of taste as a unique experience.

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