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5 must-try dishes of Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine is recognized worldwide, especially for sushi.

5 must-try drinks at Tora

Tora Cancun has a spectacular view of the Nichupte lagoon, the minimalist and elegant decor will wrap you with its atmosphere.

What’s the right way to eat sushi?

Sushi is one of the most emblematic dishes in Japan, it can even be eaten for breakfast.

The history of Suntory Japanese whisky

Japanese whisky is gaining more and more popularity and recognition in the world. It was certainly not easy, since the market did not identify Japan as a producer of this dist...

4 dishes to share at Tora

Remember that the concept of Tora is inspired by the Izakayas of Japan, these places are usually meeting points to get together after work and have a drink

Izakaya: the art of sharing.

The concept of Tora is inspired by the Izakayas of Japan, the purpose of an Izakaya is to relax after a work day in an exciting atmosphere

Japanese traditions you should know

Eating and serving food is a ritual in Japanese culture, due to its deep-rooted traditions and ancestors.

New Year's Resolutions To Fulfill In Tora

Tora is a Japanese food restaurant in Cancun, the ideal place to start your year amazingly.

A Guide To The World Of Nigiris

Nigiri is Japanese cuisine condensed in a bite, its freshness, simplicity and precision make it one of the stars of Japanese gastronomy.