The talent of our staff members will make this culinary experience a unique one, their dynamic and amiable service along with the creativity and passion and attention to detail of our experienced chef.

Tora is a wonderful choice for any event in Cancun or Tulum; from anniversary or birthday to wedding reception or just to enjoy a fantastic time with family or friends. Top-quality products, exquisite service, innovation and creative plating are some of the features that make this concept special.

Cancun: Give your guests an unforgettable culinary experience, in a sophisticated and upscale atmosphere, with breath-taking lagoon views, stunning sunsets and exhilarating firework display.

With a natural and bohemian style, in a cozy atmosphere created by the lighting of the candles and enlivened with the exclusive music of the resident DJ, which gives life to an atmosphere full of energy and glamor.

Tora Restaurant is an excellent option to enjoy a wonderful New Year’s Eve dinner in Cancun or Tulum. For more information or event enquires please contact:

Applies from 15 people.


Tora Japanese restaurant in Cancun & Tulum
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