The menu includes exclusive products such as Kaluga Queen caviar, Big Eye Tuna, Ora King salmon (considered the finest in the world), U2 tiger shrimp with impressive size, coveted Alaskan King Crab and a wide assortment of lobster. This has placed Tora as one of the best fish and seafood restaurants.

The menu incorporates both hot and cold spectacular Japanese items as well as sushi, Maki, Nigiri and sashimi with outstanding quality and artistic plating.

In Japanese restaurants, is flattering to hear the guest say “Omakase”, which means “to put yourself in the chef’s hands”, so he can prepare dishes with what he considers the best and freshest fish of the day. Omakase is a challenge to the chef, so he can show his culinary talent and skill to surprise his guests

Rice with mushrooms is a traditional meal in Japanese homes; made with four different mushrooms: Enoki, Shiitake, Eringui and Shimeji. Tora´s Takikomi Gohan or rice with mushrooms is a recipe that has passed through generations, being a secret of our chef’s family; and presented tableside as a signature dish; with the contemporary variation of adding freshly shaved truffle.

Our international desserts are handmade using traditional techniques and our pastry chef innovation sense. It is the perfect ending for a unique culinary experience that you can pair with some of the best Coffee or a refreshing Carajillo

Japanese whisky, catalogued as the best in the world. We serve it in chilled glasses with an artisan ice ball, sculpted on the spot.

Tora offers a great variety of Japanese whisky and sake with different flavours and aroma, very good as an aperitif.

Tora presents a collection of infusion balls, creative cocktails with natural flavours and fresh ingredients, mixed with homemade infusions, fresh fruit and edible flowers.

With a sophisticated style, Tora stands out for its Robatayaki kitchen, which reminds us of the ancient Japanese fishermen tradition, who used to gather around the fire after long work journeys, admiring the preparation of the meal respectfully.

Each plate is created with passion and perfection to delight the most discerning palates, with the goal to offer a unique and unforgettable culinary experience.

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